Centra 43

CENTRA 43 is the homogenous PVC Flooring for commercial heavy trafic areas with Group T wear resistence. It is non-directional, anti-static, anti-bacterial and supported with PUR surface treatment. It does not require polishing after installation. It is offered for hospitals, schools, shops and shopping malls.

Technical Specifications
Total Thickness : EN ISO 24346   2,00 mm
Wear Layer: EN ISO 24340   2,00 mm
Wear Resistance: EN 660-1
Grup T
Residual Indentation: EN ISO 24343-1
≤ 0,1 mm
Size: Rulo
2.00 m x 20.00 m
Weight: EN ISO 23997           3,000 g/m2

Centra 43 Tarkett

Tarkett-ISO 9001-14001

Tarkett – CE Certificate

Heterogenous PVC Cleaning and Maintanence