28 White & Black

Make a statement that is anything but black and white with the carpet tile collection, White&Black. Combine the mysterious black with stylish white and give each traditional room a contemporary and refined look.nThe black is sophisticated and chic, the white pure and luminescent. A perfect balance between both colours will upgrade the look of your room in a trendy, luxurious way.

6 existing carpet tile collections – Black&, First Absolute, Metallic, Color&, On-line and Cambridge – got a black and white twist. The result is a timeless, modern collection. White&Black meets all stringent requirements of modern offices and is, consequently, perfectly suitable for intensive office use.

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TF WhiteBlack 28

C WhiteBlack 28 ENG

EF WhiteBlack 28 ENG

LRV WhiteBlack 28 ENG

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